Port Traditions

Port Traditions

The Bishop of Norwich The Bishop of Norwich

Over the centuries several customs and rituals have developed around the serving and enjoyment of Port. This may be partly because, for much of its history, Port was mainly consumed by the British, with their love of ceremony and tradition.

Few of these traditions are critical to the appreciation of Port. However some of them can help to create a sense of occasion that will enhance the enjoyment of this most civilised and sophisticated of wines. Others are followed for sound practical reasons.

Port traditions mainly concern Vintage Port and some of these are described below:

Passing the Decanter
The Bishop of Norwich
The Hoggit
Guessing the Vintage
Laying down Port

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What is Vintage Port?
Vintage Port is one of the world's great classic wines and is produced in very limited quantities, from only the very finest 'declared' years. {+}
Latest Vintages
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Decanting Port
It's not always necessary to decant Port wine, it depends on what sort of Port you are serving. Find out which Ports should be decanted and the best way to do it. {+}