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Since its foundation in 1692, Taylor has been dedicated to making the finest Port.

The house remains entirely focused on Port production and specialised in its premium styles.  Unlike most other producers, it does not market any other wine.

Taylor is committed to remaining independently owned. This guarantees the continuity of purpose required to make wines of quality and character.   It also preserves a priceless inheritance of experience and skill passed down through the generations over more than three centuries. 

Taylor’s independence also helps to protect its future as a producer of the finest Ports, allowing it to make decisions and investments which are in the best long term interests of the firm and of future generations.  

The family character of the company also helps to nurture the personal relationships which lie at the heart of the fine wine business, such as the firm’s long established partnerships with its grape suppliers and with its customers around the world.   Most importantly it helps to strengthen the firm’s bond with those who appreciate and enjoy fine wines and whose loyalty is the firms’ most important asset.

As an independent company whose success is inseparable from that of the Douro Valley, Taylor remains committed to protecting this beautiful region by practising viticulture which is economically and environmentally sustainable.  The future of the Douro Valley and its unique environment is also the future of Port, one of the world’s great classic wines and an irreplaceable part of human heritage.

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